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Sailing Schedule

Cut-off times

The cut-off times for receiving LCL and FCL cargo are as follows:

Straumsvík Rotterdam
LCL Mondays 15:00 Mondays 15:00
FCL Tuesdays 12:00 Tuesdays 12:00

Please note that when exporting FCL containers from Iceland, a Cargo Security Declaration has to be received before the container is picked up. Further information regarding Cargo Security Declaration can be found on the Directorate of Customs website, see here.

Hafnir - PortsStraumsvíkRotterdamStraumsvík
FCA 304Koma - Arrival19-02-2327-02-23
Brottför - Departure15-02-2322-02-23
LOD 305Koma - Arrival26-02-2306-03-23
Brottför - Departure22-02-2301-03-23
FCA 305Koma - Arrival05-03-2313-03-23
Brottför - Departure01-03-2308-03-23
LOD 306Koma - Arrival12-03-2320-03-23
Brottför - Departure08-03-2315-03-23
FCA 306Koma - Arrival19-03-2327-03-23
Brottför - Departure15-03-2322-03-23
LOD 307Koma - Arrival26-03-2303-04-23
Brottför - Departure22-03-2329-03-23
FCA 307Koma - Arrival02-04-2310-04-23
Brottför - Departure29-03-2305-04-23
LOD 308Koma - Arrival09-04-2317-04-23
Brottför - Departure05-04-2312-04-23
FCA 308Koma - Arrival16-04-2324-04-23
Brottför - Departure12-04-2319-04-23
LOD 309Koma - Arrival23-04-2301-05-23
Brottför - Departure19-04-2326-04-23
FCA 309Koma - Arrival30-04-2308-05-23
Brottför - Departure26-04-2303-05-23