Our freight and service network reaches over 100 countries


ThorShip provides comprehensive logistics and transport services with two vessels on a weekly sailing schedule between Iceland and mainland Europe.


Our staff have extensive and valuable experience, which we are happy to share with customers

Our values

We go to great lengths to ensure prompt response and timely delivery of shipments, every time.


ThorShip has an established partnership with reliable partners both in Iceland and around the world

Terms & conditions

Here you can get read all our terms and conditions


ThorShip provides comprehensive logistics and transport services with two vessels on a weekly sailing schedule between Iceland and mainland Europe.

We have built strong relationships with global transport and logistics partners to leverage with our extensive knowledge and experience. Together with our partners, we have created a valuable and unique service, based on low overhead and a reliable sailing schedule. This is realized by customers with a simple statement: We are simply smarter.

We provide cost-efficient and reliable transport services including documentation management and customs clearance. Additionaly, we provide agency services, chartering and holistic consulting within the fields of transport and logistics.


Our staff have extensive and valuable experience, which we are happy to share with customers. We are at your service!

Auður Karlsdóttir

Phone: +354 511 3269

Auður Anna Snorradóttir

Phone: +354 511 3282

Ásdís Eva Vilhjálmsdóttir
Service desk

Phone: +354 511 3267

Bjarni Hjaltason
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 511 3251

Bryndís Ásta Reynisdóttir
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 511 3268

Einar Örn Ágústsson
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 511 3270

Fríða Sjöfn Lúðvíksdóttir
Service desk

Phone: +354 511 3253

Guðrún Finnsdóttir
Service desk

Phone: +354 511 3266

Helgi Þórisson
Agency and vessel operations

Phone: +354 511 3271

Hilmar Freyr Loftsson
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 511 3259

Hjörleifur Hjörleifsson
Agency and vessel operations

Phone: +354 511 3255

Hörður Karlsson
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 511 3263

Íris Traustadóttir

Phone: +354 511 3281

Jóhann Steinarsson
Agency and vessel operations

Phone: +354 511 3280

Jóhannes Andrésson

Phone: +354 511 3278

Kristinn Sigurðsson
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 511 3277

Kristján Valur Sigurgeirsson

Phone: +354 511 3272

Magnús S. Haraldsson

Phone: +354 511 3275

Marco van Gelder

Phone: +31 651 069 220

Margrét Guðný Vigfúsdóttir

Phone: +354 511 3262

Óli Grétar Óskarsson

Phone: +354 511 3264

Piotr Karol Murawski

Phone: +354 846 1765

Ragnar Jón Dennisson

Phone: +354 511 3256

Rósalind Hansen
Service desk

Phone: +354 511 3274

Sara Benediktsdóttir

Phone: +354 511 3257

Sigurjón Guðmundsson

Phone: +354 511 3258

Stefán Atli Hjörleifsson

Agency and vessel operations

Phone: +354 511 3276

Stefán H. Stefánsson

Phone: +354 820 6303

Steingrímur Sigurðsson
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 842 2333

Steinunn Eiríksdóttir
Service desk

Phone: +354 511 3283

Valgeir Guðbjartsson
Sales and consultancy

Phone: +354 511 3254

Our values


We go to great lengths to ensure prompt response and timely delivery of shipments, every time.

Our promise is to provide quick and secure transport of all shipments to our distribution centers in Iceland, Denmark and The Netherlands from where we deliver them to customers all over the world.

This we promise, because operating two vessels on a weekly schedule, means we can offer the fastest shipping route between Iceland and mainland Europe


We have forged strong partnerships with international partners and found better solutions for customers.

With our minimal structure, well motivated and trained employees and select partner network, we offer responsive and flexible services unrivaled by larger shipping companies.

At ThorShip, we don’t allocate resources to unnecessary or insignificant  tasks. We set our vast experience of international transport and logistics to the task of providing customers with access to a highly developed and reliable transport network.


Our strength lies within our combined competences and ability to focus them on what’s most important, our customer’s needs.

We take an open minded approach to every new task, collaborate with our partners to find the best solutions which are then put to use. This vast, accumilated  experience makes us the ideal partner for challenging projects anywhere in the world.

Our transport customer base exceeds 600 companies, each with unique demands, needs and scope. This client base includes companies within the food production, fishing, construction, industrial sectors as well as wholesales, retailers and various service providers.

In addition to transport services, we provide all manners of document management and customs clearance services. We have considerable experience as agents for various kinds of vessles and offer chartering services when needed.


ThorShip has a variety of partners both Icelandic and international


DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions.

The Company has offices in more than 70 countries all over the world and an international network of partners and agents, which makes us a truly global player offering services worldwide. By their professional and advantageous overall solutions, the approx. 45,000 DSV employees recorded worldwide annual revenue of 10 billion euro for 2017.

DSV Is divided into three divisions.

DSV Road
With around 10,000 employees, DSV Road is one of the three leading logistics providers in Europe. More than 20,000 trucks are ready to carry your goods in a fast, efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly manner all over Europe.

DSV Air & Sea
DSV Air & Sea offers alternative routings and flexible schedules to suit even the most demanding logistical requirements to and from all parts of the world. Our approx. 6,000 employees, handle more than 1,400,000 TEUs of sea freight and 650,000 tons of air freight every year.

DSV Solutions
DSV Solutions partners up with its customers to design and deliver logistics solutions and we add value by increasing operational and cost efficiency. We employ over 5,000 people and operates more than 130 warehouses comprising a total of 5,000,000 m2.


Environmentally-friendly customer solutions for more than 100 years

Rhenus has business locations at more than 580 locations worldwide and employs 28,000 people. The company’s business areas contract logistics, freight logistics, port logistics and public transport stand for the management of complex supply chains and innovative value added services.

Rhenus is a value added partners of it’s customers. So they analyse highly complex logistic operations and optimise them through individual solutions for acquisition, production and distribution.

Rhenus looks ahead so that customers’ logistics can also make a value contribution tomorrow.


Cargow serves the international aluminium industry, with a transport link between Iceland, Norway, UK and continental Europe.

Cargow continuously strives to find innovative shipping solutions to benefit customers and is committed to providing quality services through operational excellence, supported by vast experience in the shipping industry.

Cargow’s goal is to be a cost efficient provider of logistic services that consistently meet the requirements of customers. Achieving consistent quality throughout the company is a top priority. Cargow invests in developing ship design and specification to improve efficiency and environmental impact.

Furter information can be found at cargow.com

Bluebird Cargo

Based at Keflavik Airport in Iceland, Bluebird Cargo operates a fleet of four B737-300 and three B737-400 freighter aircraft. Aircraft capacity is provided to major express parcel companies and freight forwarders, both on scheduled and charter basis.

With 18,5 to 20,5 ton gross payload on 8 1/2 to 9 1/2  pallets, the B737-300/400 freighter is ideal for air freight missions within Europe and Scandinavia, and to Northern Africa, the Middle East, Canada, and Greenland. The staff of Bluebird Cargo prides itself of running a small and efficient airline, responsive to customers needs in a professional manner on a 24 hour basis.

All aircraft and pilots are equipped and trained to operate under low visibility weather conditions (CAT IIIA), and to carry most types of cargo, including temperature sensitive products, live animals and dangerous goods. As an Icelandic airline, Bluebird Cargo is authorized to operate without restrictions within the European Union, due to Iceland´s membership in the European Economic Area.

Icelandair Cargo

Icelandair Cargo is an international company with its headquarters in Reykjavik, an office at Keflavik airport and operation in New York

Both Loftleiðir and Flugfélag Íslands carried cargo on their commercial flights and with the founding of Icelandair in 1973, a Cargo Department was established. Cargo transportation became an important part of the operation and in addition to offering belly space on Icelandair’s passenger flights, a freighter flew weekly to Ostende, Belgium. In 1997 the company started Boeing 737 freighter flights to Cologne in Germany, 6 days a week. Demand soon exceeded supply and in September 1999 Boeing 757 freighter flights to Liege in Belgium and to New York commenced.

More Boeing 757 freighters have been taken into service and currently 4 Boeing freighters are in service, both for Icelandair Cargo own network and on ACMI lease to TNT network.

Cargo Express

Cargo express was established in 2008 and is currently representing numerous airlines in air cargo sales through Iceland.  The company goal is to provide the best service possible for your supply chain to global markets.

Port of Hafnarfjörður

Port of Hafnarfjordur is one of the largest ports in Iceland, specialized in handling cruise vessels, containers, bulk, breakbulk, fish, general cargo, oil and repair facilities
Hafnarfjordur’s location in the south west region of Iceland ensures an ice free harbor all year round. This makes Port of Hafnarfjordur an Ideal Service Port in the North Atlantic. The Port of Hafnarfjordur is divided in two ports with 4 km distance between them, Hafnarfjordur and Straumsvik.

Click here for Approach & Aids to Navigation

Directorate of customs

The Directorate of Customs in Iceland was established in 1929. From the beginning, the main service functions have remained the same.

Firstly, to control import, transit and export, and secondly, the collection of duties, taxes and various state revenue. The Directorate of Custom´s main objectives are to strengthen control, hinder importation of illegal goods, ensure correct levy of import charges and improve collection results.

The administration of customs and internal revenue falls within the jurisdiction of the Minister of Finance, who is the head of customs affairs in the country. From January 1. 2009 the Directorate of Customs serves the whole of Iceland in one customs district.

The Directorate of Customs has approximately 250 full-time employees working in several departments in different places throughout the country.

Terms and conditions

ThorShip service and transport

Following terms and conditions apply for service and transport with Thorship.  Click on the links to view corresponding document :


Customs clerance – Power of attorney


Cargo insurance


Container lease at ThorShip

Consignee has 7 days from ships arrival to strip containers. Thereafter demurrage and detention charges will apply. Charges can vary depending on the origin of the container.

Please send notification immediately to akstur@thorship.is when container has been stripped by consignee.

Incoterms – International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) terms

Incoterms are standardized commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) which the Iceland Chamber of Commerce is part of. The first version of the Incoterms was published in 1936 but the present terms were published in 2010 and therefore are called Incoterms 2010.

In short, the Incoterms are used to divide the cost and risk between seller and buyer. There are 11 different terms available that parties can choose from, where each states who bears the cost of every factor in the transportation, who is responsible for loading and unloading and who is bears risk on each stage of the transport in international freight.

EXW Ex Works (named place of delivery)
Seller delivers the shipment at its premises and the buyer bears all cost and risk of transportation.
FCA Free Carrier (named place of delivery)
Seller delivers the shipment to first transporter (named by buyer) and risk goes from seller to buyer at same point. Seller bears cost of export clearance.
CPT Carriage Paid To (named place of destination)
Seller bears cost for main carriage to named place of destination but buyer bears cost for terminal cost, risk moves from seller to buyer when shipment has been delivered to first carrier.
CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid To (named place of destination)
Same as CPT but seller also bears cost for insuring shipment to named place of destination.
DAT Delivered at Terminal (named terminal at port or place of destination)
Seller bears cost and risk for main carriage and unloaded at named terminal, except for cost related to import clearance.
DAP Delivered at Place (named place of destination)
Seller delivers the consignment at named destination place. The cargo is not discharged from the transportation vehicle at destination and not cleared through the customs. Buyer bears cost and risk of discharging the vehicle.
DDP DDP – Delivered Duty Paid (named destination place)
Seller delivers the consignment at named destination place and clears it through customs. The cargo is not discharged from the transportation vehicle at destination. Buyer bears cost and risk of discharging the vehicle.